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Evento: "Africa Communicating: digital technologies, representations, power"

Dear colleagues,

The next annual conference of the Canadian Association of African Studies /
Association canadienne des études africaines (CAAS/ACEA), will be held at
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, from May 1-3, 2013. For this conference,
the Angola Group based at York University, Toronto, Canada, is planning a
number of interdisciplinary panels focused on the Angolan past. We hope to be
able to count upon your participation in this event.

In addition, and given the relative proximity of Ottawa, the Angolan Group at
York University will be holding a workshop on the Angolan past from May 6-10,
2013, at the Harriet Tubman Institute, York University, Toronto. This workshop
will see participants (hopefully those going to the Ottawa conference) discuss
their respective research projects/papers, followed by visits to the Royal
Ontario Museum and the United Church of Canada Archive, both of
which hold important collections of Angolan documents and artifacts.

Should you be interested in participating in the Angolan panels for CAAS/ECEA
conference and/or the York-Tubman workshop please send me a paper title and
abstract (maximum 250 words) in English or French by January 25, 2013. Please
let me know whether you will be able to participate in the CAAS/ECEA conference
and the York-Tubman workshop, or just one of these activities.

NB: Prospective participants are responsible for securing their own funding to
attend the CAAS/ECEA conference and the York-Tubman workshop. Paper
presentations for the CAAS/ECEA conference must be in English or French. For
the York workshop, presentations can be made in English, French or Portuguese.

For further information on CAAS/ECEA 2013 @ Carleton, please visit the link
below or see the call for paper attached to this message:

With best wishes,

Vanessa S. Oliveira

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